Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager

Part time

3 or 4 days per week


Bowcliffe Hall estate is a business park and hospitality venue sitting in 38 acres of grounds. During the day we have 43 companies based in Bowcliffe Hall and 7 outlying office buildings. In the evenings and weekends, we play host to corporate events and weddings.

***Part-time (job share) 3 or 4 days per week considered***

Salary £22,000.00 (based on a full time equivalent of £27,500)


The Maintenance Manager will ensure that the Estate grounds, buildings and offices are maintained on a reactive and proactive basis, to a standard which meets the Company’s expectations.

This is a hands-on role that requires a ‘can-do’ attitude and readiness to get involved with manual tasks.

The role will also involve work across the Group’s property portfolio including, but not limited to, Northallerton, Ramsgill and Hunslet


Tasks will vary on a periodic basis and will include:

• The maintenance and updating of an annual program of maintenance operations, split into monthly and where necessary weekly tasks. The program is to be delivered making allowance for periods when the gardens, grounds and buildings are open to private functions.

• The maintenance of fences, paths, steps and garden furniture to a high standard at all times.

• Seasonal anomalies such as heavy snow or rainfall may require that the Maintenance Manager perform duties outside the upkeep and development of the grounds and buildings.

• In autumn the Maintenance Manager, along with the gardening team will carry out the collection and removal of leaves around the estate and from the roofs of the buildings.

• The Maintenance Manager will be responsible for the maintenance, upkeep and regular inventory of the collection of hand tools and machinery, including an annual program of servicing by external engineers when necessary. All tools and machinery are to be maintained to a high level of order and cleanliness. An updated inventory is to be passed to the Property and Development Director when any new additions are acquired.

• To ensure all maintenance equipment, tools and machinery are stored securely.

• To be aware of and report any security risks posed within the Estate.

• The Maintenance Manager will monitor external contractors on site, and report to the Property and Development Director as necessary during works.

• To undergo training as and when required, and to request appropriate training when necessary.

• To carry out gritting, salt spreading, snow cleaning, as necessary, throughout the Estate.

• The Maintenance Manager will ensure that the fire wood for the House is cut and stored correctly.

• The Maintenance Manager will provide monthly utility meter readings to the Property Accounts Administrator.

• The Maintenance Manager will carry out the weekly fire alarm checks across the estate.

• The Maintenance Manager will manage the decoration and refurbishment of the offices/rooms to a high standard quickly and efficiently.

• The Maintenance Manager will manage the movement of tables, chairs and other equipment around the estate in order to meet the requirements of external clients and their functions at Bowcliffe.

• The Maintenance Manager will carry out maintenance jobs as a priority over and above the jobs sheet, when requested.

• The Maintenance Manager will carry out the daily maintenance of the office suites at Bowcliffe Hall Estate.

• The Maintenance Manager will collect and deliver items as requested.

• The Maintenance Manager will respond to and manage any other reasonable requests that are made of him by the Company from time to time.

• To carry out maintenance duties at all the other sites within the portfolio, in Yorkshire, as requested by the Property Director.


• The supervision of any seasonal or part time staff members in the execution of the jobs list, and the deployment of staff according to seasonal tasks and preparation for events.

• The Maintenance Manager will be fully trained in all necessary ride-on machinery and powered tools, which may include chainsaw use and chemical spraying. Where appropriate the Facilities and Maintenance Manager is to identify the training of the team in the use of machinery and spraying equipment to ensure an even spread of skills and capabilities across the team.

• The Maintenance Manager will be responsible for the conduct and behaviour of the team.

• The Maintenance Manager will make recommendations regarding the training and development of any members of the team, including their own training and development. Training of team members and the Facilities and Maintenance Manager will be agreed with Bayford & Co.


• To be aware of Health and Safety requirements noting that all duties must be carried out to comply with current Health & Safety at Work legislation.

• The Maintenance Manager is responsible for the maintenance of all paths and terraces for safe use, including those outside the formal garden, and the prompt removal of obstructions or debris.

• The Maintenance Manager is responsible for the day-to-day safety and welfare of any maintenance team members while they are going about their maintenance duties.

• The Maintenance Manager will identify the need for health and safety and fire safety training of themself and staff, in collaboration with Bayford & Co Ltd.

• The Maintenance Manager will establish and manage a collection of personal protection equipment (P.P.E), appropriate to the operations required to manage the gardens and the machinery and tools used to do so. It is the responsibility of the Facilities and Maintenance Manager to review the condition of P.P.E and renew equipment as appropriate to ensure the protection of staff.

• The Maintenance Manager will identify the need for first aid training within the team, to ensure that at all times one member of the team on site is suitably trained to administer basic first aid. The Facilities and Maintenance Manager will maintain a first aid kit in a location known to and accessible by all staff, replacing components of the kit as necessary.

Person specification:

Our ideal candidate will be:

• An experienced maintenance person with a broad skill set across manual maintenance tasks.

• Personable and happy in customer facing situations

• An excellent communicator able to liaise with all stakeholders.

• Organised and able to manage varied workload.

• Able to prioritise tasks appropriately.

• Able to manage themselves and the workload effectively

• Willing to do what it takes to get the job done

• Physically strong and able to undertake heavy lifting


• Full driving licence holder

Desirable (training can be provided):

• First aid trained

• Knowledge of H&S practices

• Welding

• Chainsaw

• Use of tractor

Please apply through the button below by attaching your CV, cover letter and any accounting qualifications you currently hold.

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